I have an incredible team of 13 organic farmers in California that manufacture, package and ship my products to Amazon warehouses nation wide.


My name is Brooklyn, I’m a 9 year old Surfer, Skateboarder and surf wax inventor. I live in Rincon, Puerto Rico.  On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria, a powerful category 5 hurricane with 150 mph winds made direct landfall and had a catastrophic effect on the island I’ve called home for three years.  I knew I had to help but didn't know how, my mom and step-dad suggested I make and sell my special all organic vegan surf wax and donate a portion of my proceeds to different Hurricane Maria Relief funds.  I started my research for the perfect all natural formula, by candlelight, powering my ipad off a car battery as we had no power, water, gasoline for 2 months after the hurricane. We looked into the world’s top established brands of surf wax, what I found was very upsetting.  Almost all major surf wax brands claim to be “safe”, “natural”, “bio-degradable”, “eco-friendly” yet use chemicals and additives that are completely unsafe for our environment and never breakdown leaving a harmful carbon footprint. They use petro-chemicals and components such as paraffin, petroleum, soy, microcrystalline, adhesives and the most troubling, bee’s wax (we love bee’s!). Daily, unknown to most surfers, they leave an oil slick of these chemicals, in our oceans, on reefs, beaches, even their own bodies, causing great destruction to our oceans habitat.

Head over to my environmental Impact page to view a comparison of my surf wax against the most popular surf waxes in the industry and see why my wax supersedes all the rest.  

Please join me by supporting my great invention, supporting Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico and protecting our environment.  



Founder of Maria’s Surf Wax