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  • Who?
    Surfer, environmentalist and Kidpreneur, Brooklyn, age 9, lives in Rincon, PR.
  • What?
    Maria’s Surf Wax, a vegan, organic, bio-degradable, reef safe wax created by a 9 year old. Packaging is on 100% recycled paper, ink is made from all natural dyes, scents are made from fresh fruit.
  • Where?
    I created my product in Rincon, PR but its now being exclusivly grown & completly manufactured in California on a 25 acre organic farm. Even our latest wax scent of blueberry, is grown organically and hand picked for my wax scents. My waxes are sold in many surf shops in Puerto Rico and Florida, also online at and on amazon at amazon/ Maria Surf Wax. My goal is to take my wax globally as one of the first VEGAN waxes ever made and we are currently the top selling vegan surf wax on Amazon. My tropical wax is limited edition and all proceeds are donated to Hurricane Maria relief charities.
  • Why?
    I want to help raise money and donate it to different hurricane maria relief funds to help my community. Also, after doing a lot of research with my mom and step-dad we couldn't find any surf waxes that we’re vegan. Many surf waxes use bees wax, parafin and petroleum. Its very important to me and my family that its vegan and no animals, not even bees, are harmed in the wax making process. Our waxes are all organically grown, picked and poured on the farm.
  • Is this Product Reef Safe?
    Yes! Maria's Surf Wax is made completly of all natural, organic, eco-friendly and 100% reef safe products. There are no synthetic additives or chemicals added to any of our waxes. All of our ingredients are grown and hand picked from a 25 acre farm in California. Even our wax scents of fresh blueberry and fresh strawberry are made by extracting the oils and liquids from hand picked fruit and made into a solvent thats added to our wax.
  • Is this product Vegan?
    Yes! Absolutly no animals are harmed in the making of Maria's Surf Wax. We are 100% Vegan! We LOVE bees!
  • Do you ship world wide?
    Yes! Also, our product is currently for sale in three countries and expanding. You can also find us on
  • How can I get sponsored?
    We are currently looking for up and coming surfers to sponsor. Please contact us at if you are interested in representing my Vegan surf wax.
  • Additional Facts about my wax and packaging
    My wax comes in two tempretures, tropical and cool. Additional waxes will be added through out 2018. I am working on creating a vegan organic skateboard wax, snowboard wax, ski wax and chapstick. All will be added to my product line in 2018. Please keep checking back to view our newly released products. My surf wax art was insipred by the Taino culture and symbolism of Puerto Rico. We used the Taino symbol for hurricane which you will find on my tropical wax and the Taino Turtle on my cool water wax.
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