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Maria's Eco Friendly 

Vegan Sun Block

Maria's Eco Sunblock is our latest and most exciting product.  Created with the oceans, environment and our bodies largest organ, the skin, in mind. Every ingredient has been carefully picked to make sure our sunblock is 100% eco-friendly and non toxic.  We only use quality ingredients and the latest UV technology to make sure our sunblock is not only reef and ocean friendly, but its also dermatologically safe. We are excited to share with the world Maria's Vegan Sunblock.

Stick with us! 



Providing you with quality products that are 100% vegan organic and biodegradable.

Save the planet!

Our ecosystems are crucial to the functionality of our planet. Many products such as waxes and sunblocks are entering our oceans and damaging the reefs at an alarming rate.  We hope at the very least to make in impact by reversing the damage and spreading awareness. 

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